Abor Vitae Unchanging friendship
Acacia Friendship, Beauty in retirement
Acacia (Rose or White) Elegance, friendship
Acacia (yellow) Secret love
Aconite Beware
Agapanthus Secret love
Agrimony Thankfulness
Allium Unity, Humility, Patience
Almond blossom Hope
Alstroemeria Devotion, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
Alyssum Worth beyond beauty
Amaryllis Pride, Timidity, Splendid beauty
Ambrosia Your love is reciprocated
Anemone Forsaken, Expectations
Apple Blossom Better things to come, Good fortune
Arbutus Thee only do I love
Arum Ardour
Asparagus Fern fascination
Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave
Aster Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Aster (China) Fidelity, Variety, I will think of thee
Azalea Take care of yourself, Temperance, Fragile, Chinese symbol of womanhood
Baby’s Breath Innocence, Pure of heart
Bachelor Button Single blessedness, Hope
Balloon Flower Endless love, honesty
Balm Sympathy
Balsam Ardent Love
Barberry Bad temper
Begonia A fanciful nature
Bells of Ireland Good luck
Bird of Paradise Symbol of faithfulness
Bittersweet Truth
Black Bryont/Lady’s Seal Be my support
Bluebell Humility, Constancy
Bouvardia Enthusiasm
Broom Humility, Neatness
Buck Bean Calm repose
Burdock Touch me not
Buttercup Childishness
Cactus Endurance
Caladium Great joy and delight
Calendula Considered sacred
Calla Lily Magnificent beauty
Calycanthus Benevolence
Camellia (General) Gratitude, Perfection
Camellia (Pink) Longing for you
Camellia (Red) Unpretending excellence, You’re a flame in my heart
Camellia (White) You’re adorable, Perfected loveliness
Candytuft Indifference
Canterbury Bell Gratitude
Cardinal Flower Distinction
Carnation (General) Fascination, Woman love
Carnation (Pink) I’ll never forget you
Carnation (Purple) Capriciousness
Carnation (Red) Alas poor heart, Admiration
Carnation (Solid Colour) Yes
Carnation (Striped) No, Refusal, Sorry I can’t be with you
Carnation (White) Sweet, Lovely, Innocence, Pure love, Adoration
Carnation (Yellow) Disappointment, Rejection
Catchfly (Red) Youthful Love, I fall victim
Cattail Peace, Prosperity
Cattleya Mature charms
Cedar I live but for thee, Think of me
Celandine Future joy
Chamomile Energy in action
Cherry Blossom (Single) Education
Chickweed I cling to thee
Chicory Frugality
China-Aster Variety
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum (General) You’re a wonderful friend, Rest, Cheerfulness
Chrysanthemum (Red) I love you
Chrysanthemum (White) Truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow) Slighted love
Cinquefoil Beloved child
Clematis Artifice (ingenuity)
Clover (Four Leaf) Be mine
Clover (Red) Industry
Clover (White) Think of me
Colchicum My best days fled
Columbine (Purple) Resolved to win
Columbine (Red) Anxious
Columbine (White) Folly
Compass Flower Faith
Corchorus Impatience of happiness
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Cornflower Delicacy, Refinement
Coronilla Success to you
Cowslip Rusticity, Winning grace, Healing, Youth, Pensiveness
Coxcomb Foppery, Unfading love
Crocus Youthful gladness, Cheerfulness
Crown Imperial Majesty
Cyclamen Resignation, Good-bye
Daffodil Regard, Unrequited love, Respect
Dahlia Dignity and Elegance
Daisy Loyal Love, Gentleness, Innocence
Dandelion Faithfulness, Happiness, Love’s oracle
Dead leaves Sadness
Deadly Nightshade Falsehood
Delphinium Flight of fancy
Dill Lust
Diosma Your simple elegance charms me
Dog Rose Pleasure and pain
Dogwood Durability
Dogwood (Flowering) Am I indifferent to you?
Dracaena Inner power
Dragon Root Ardour
Edelweiss Daring, Courage, Noble purity
Eglantine Poetry, I wound to heal
Elder Flower Zeal
Endine Frugality
Epigaea (Mayflower) Budding
Eremurus Endurance
Eupatorium Delay
Euphorbia Persistence
Everlasting Never ceasing memory
Fern Fascination, Sincerity, Magic
Fern (Maidenhair) Secret bond of love, Discretion
Fern (Royal) Reverie
Filbert Reconciliation
Fir Time
Flax Domestic symbol
Fleur De Lis Flame, Burning
Flora’s Bell Without Pretension
Flowering Almond Hope
Flowering Reed Confide in heaven
Forget Me Not True love, Faithfulness, Remembrance
Forsythia Anticipation, Innocence
Foxglove Stateliness, Youth
Foxtail Grass Sporting
Freesia Innocence, Trust, Friendship
Fuchsia (Scarlet) Confiding love, Taste
Furze Love for all occasions
Galax Encouragement
Gardenia Purity, Sweet love, You’re lovely
Gentian (Closed) Sweet be thy dreams
Gentian (Fringed) Intrinsic worth, I Look to heaven, Autumn
Geranium Stupidity, Folly
Geranium (Apple) Present preference
Geranium (Ivy) Your hand for the next dance
Geranium (Lemon) Unexpected meeting
Geranium (Nutmeg) I expect a meeting
Geranium (Oak-Leaved) True friendship, Lady
Geranium (Pencilled) Ingenuity
Geranium (Rose) Preference
Geranium (Scarlet) Consolation
Geranium (Silver-Leaf) Recall
Gerbera Innocence
Gladioli I’m really sincere, Flower of the Gladiators
Gladiolus Strength of character, Generosity
Globe (Amaranth) Unfading Love
Gloxinia Love at first sight
Goldenrod Be cautious
Gooseberry Anticipation
Goosefoot Goodness
Gorse Endearing affection
Grass Submission
Gypsophila Fertility
Harebell Humility, Grief
Hawthorn Hope
Heartsease pansy Think of me
Heartsease You occupy my thoughts
Heather Good luck
Heather (Lavender) Admiration, Solitude
Heather (White) Protection, Wishes will come true
Heliotrope Devotion, Faithfulness
Hellebore Scandal
Henbane For males to attract love from females
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Holly Domestic Happiness, Defence, Foresight
Hollyhock Fruitfulness
Hollyhock (White) Female ambition
Honey Flower Secret Love, Sweet
Honeysuckle Generosity
Honeysuckle (Coral) I Love You
Hoya (Wax Plant) Sculpture
Huckleberry Faith, Simple pleasures
Hyacinth Playful, Loveliness
Hyacinth (Blue) Constancy
Hyacinth (Purple) Sorrow, Please forgive me
Hyacinth (Red Or Pink) Playful
Hyacinth (White) Unobtrusive loveliness
Hyacinth (Yellow) Jealousy
Hydrangea Thank you for understanding, Boastfulness, Heartlessness
Indian Cress Resignation
Ipomaca I attach myself to you
Iris Faith, Valour, Wisdom, Friendship
Iris (German) Flame
Iris (Yellow) Passion
Ivy Fidelity, Wedded Love, Affection, Friendship
Japonica Loveliness
Jasmine (Indian) Attachment
Jasmine (Spanish) Sensuality
Jasmine (White) Amiability
Jasmine (Yellow) Modesty, Grace, Elegance
Jerusalem Oak Your love is reciprocated
Jonquil Affection returned, Desire, Love me
Juniper Protection
Kennedia Intellectual beauty
King’s Cup I wish I were rich
Lady’s Slipper Win me
Larkspur An open heart
Larkspur (Pink) Fickleness
Lavender Loyalty, Love, Devotion
Lemon Blossom Fidelity in love
Lemon Leaves Everlasting love
Lilac (Purple) First emotion of love
Lilac (White) Youthful innocence, Purity
Lily (Calla) Beauty
Lily (Day) Coquetry
Lily (Eucharis) Maiden charms
Lily (Orange) Wealth
Lily (Tiger) Wealth, Pride
Lily (White) Sweetness, Purity
Lily (Yellow) I’m walking on air, Gaiety
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness, Humility
Linden Tree Matrimony
Liverwort Confidence
Longi Lily Pure, Modest
Lotus Flower Estranged love
Love In a Mist You puzzle me
Lucerne Life
Lungwort Thou art my life
Lupine Imagination
Magnolia Love of nature, Nobility
Maidenhair Discretion
Mallow Sweet disposition
Marigold Grief, Despair, Jealousy
Marigold (Common) Pretty love, Sacred, Affection, Caress, Sorrow
Marjoram Joy, Happiness
Meadow Saffron My best days are past
Mezereum Desire to please
Mignonette Your qualities surpass your charms, Health
Milk Vetch Your presence softens my pain
Mimosa Sensitivity
Mint Virtue
Mistletoe Kiss me, Affection, Difficulties
Monkshood Beware, A deadly foe is near
Morning Glory Affection
Moss Maternal love, Charity
Motherwort Secret Love
Mullein Good nature
Mum Hope
Myrtle Love, Home, Duty
Narcissus Egotism, Formality
Nasturtium Patriotism, Conquest, Victory in battle
Oleander Caution
Olive Branch Peace
Orange Blossom Innocence, Purity, Eternal love, Marriage
Orange Mock Deceit
Orchid Love, Beauty
Orchid (Cattleya) Mature charm
Palm Leaves Victory, Success
Pansy Thoughtful reflection, Merriment
Parsley Useful knowledge
Pasque Flower Unpretentious, You have no claims
Passion Flower Faith
Peach Blossom I am your captive
Pear Blossom Affection
Peony Happy marriage, Prosperity, Bashfulness
Petunia Resentment, Anger, Your presence soothes me
Phlox Our souls are united
Pimpernel Change
Pine Hope, Pity
Pink Pure affection
Pink (Mountain) You are aspiring
Poinsettia Be of good cheer
Pomegranate Flower Elegance
Poppy (General) Eternal sleep, Oblivion, Imagination
Poppy (Red) Pleasure
Poppy (White) Consolation
Poppy (Yellow) Wealth, Success
Pride Of China Dissension
Primrose I can’t live without you
Primrose (Evening) Inconstancy
Primrose (Red) Unpatronised merit
Prince’s Feather Unfading love
Pussy Willow Motherhood
Quaking Grass Agitation
Queen Anne’s Lace Haven
Ragged-Robin Wit
Ranunculus Radiant, Charming
Rhododendron Danger, Beware, I am dangerous
Rhubarb Advice
Rose (Bridal) Happiness
Rose (Burgundy) Unconscious beauty
Rose (Christmas) Relieve my anxiety
Rose (Coral) Desire
Rose (Damask) Freshness, Persian ambassador of love
Rose (Dark Crimson) Mourning
Rose (Dark Pink) Thankfulness
Rose (Dog) Pleasure, Pain
Rose (Hibiscus) Delicate, Beauty
Rose (Lavender) Enchantment
Rose (Leaf) You may hope
Rose (Musk Cluster) Charming
Rose (Orange) Fascination
Rose (Pale Pink) Grace
Rose (Peach) Immortality, Modesty
Rose (Pink) Perfect happiness
Rose (Red) Love, I love you, Desire
Rose (Single red) I Love You
Rose (Tea) I’ll remember always
Rose (Thornless) Love at first sight
Rose (White and Red) Unity
Rose (White) Charm, Innocence
Rose (White-Dried) Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose (Yellow) Friendship, Joy, Gladness
Rosebud Beauty, Youth
Rosebud (Moss) Confessions of love
Rosebud (Red) Pure, Lovely
Rosebud (White) Girlhood
Rosemary Remembrance
Rose Of Sharon Consumed by love
Roses (Assorted Colours) You’re everything to me
Roses (Bouquet Mature Blooms) Gratitude
Roses (Garland or Crown of) Beware of virtue, Reward of merit, Symbol of superior merit
Roses (Single Full Bloom) I Love You, I still love you
Rush Docility
Satin Flower Sincerity
Scarlet Ipomoea Attachment
Sensitive Plant Timidity
Shamrock Light heartedness
Sloe Difficulty
Smilax Loveliness
Snapdragon Presumption, Deception, Gracious lady
Snowball Thoughts of heaven
Snowdrop Hope
Solidago Success
Spanish  Jasmine Sensuality
Spearmint Warm sentiment
Spider Flower Elope with me
Star of Bethlehem Atonement, Reconciliation
Starwort Welcome to a Stranger
Statice Remembrance
Stephanotis Marital happiness
Stock Affection, Lasting beauty, You’ll always be beautiful to me
Stonecrop Tranquillity
Straw (Broken) Broken agreement
Straw Flower Agreement
Sunflower (Dwarf) Adoration, Pride
Sunflower (Tall) False riches, Pride
Sweet Pea Blissful pleasure, Good-bye, Departure
Sweet William Grant me one smile
Sweet Sultan Felicity, Happiness
Thorn Apple I dreamed of thee
Thrift (Armeria) Sympathy
Tiger Lily Prosperity
Traveller’s Joy Rest, Safety
Trumpet Flower Separation
Tuberose Dangerous Pleasure
Tulip Love and Passion
Tulip (Red) Declaration of love
Tulip (Variegated) Beautiful eyes
Tulip (White) I am worthy of you
Tulip (Yellow) There’s sunshine in your smile
Venus Flytrap Caught at last
Verbena Pray for me
Veronica Fidelity
Vervain Enchantment
Vine Intoxicating
Violet Faithfulness, Modesty
Violet (Blue) Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I’ll always be true
Violet (White) Let’s take a chance
Viscaria Will you dance with me?
Wallflower Fidelity in adversity
Water Lily Purity of heart
Wax Flower Riches
Windflower Sincerity, Symbol of love
Wintergreens Harmony
Wisteria Welcome
Witch Hazel A spell
Wolfsbane Misanthropy, Chivalry, Knight
Woodbine Fraternal love
Wormwood Absence, Do not be discouraged
Yarrow Healing
Yew Sorrow
Zephyr Flower Sincerity, Symbol of love
Zinnia Thoughts of an absent friend
Zinnia (Magenta) Lasting affection
Zinnia (Mixed) Thinking / In memory of an absent friend
Zinnia (Scarlet) Constancy
Zinnia (White) Goodness
Zinnia (Yellow) Daily remembrance